• Improvement: Article Status Sync
  • Error when save media in Publisher
  • Default Author Image not showing on author profile page
  • Delete Media not working via frontend
  • Publisher videos not working
  • Media Manager: Got error on Audio and Gallery types when previewing
  • Article: Notice error when adding new media
  • Warning error on Home page
  • Frontend: Notice error on Specific Video/Audio/Gallery pages
  • Audio category page is a missing style
  • Backend: Got a warning when search article

Version 3.0.19

  • Improvement: consent form checkbox added in registration form

Version 3.0.18

  • Fixed some issues for Publisher Media included in articles content, and set 100% width for centered media
  • Changes for Publisher Menu back-end, conflict with jQuery library
  • Fixed some issues for RSS zones

Version 3.0.17

  • Improvement: save articles media
  • Fixed bug: changing articles author (administrator) was not working

Version 3.0.15

  • Fixed an issue with videos info fetching
  • Fixed an issue with selecting authors for media
  • Fixed an issue with media preview

Version 3.0.13

  • Fixed a bug with ignore categories;
  • Fixed a bug with issues images;
  • Fixed a bug with articles separator;
  • Fixed a bug with cutting article titles in Hebrew.

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