Publications are the containers that contain issues, create a publication to display all your issues.

Publisher allows you to set up publications. Each publication can contain one or more issues. You can display a list of all your publications, as you can see in the image below.

Manage all your publications on the Publications Manager

publications manager

Add/Edit Publications

edit publication

Media Galleries

Video Page

The video page allows you to display videos of a selected video category. This allows you to organize videos in one page. You can show/hide the video title/description/hits, etc.

Audio Page

If you have audio files like interviews, podcasts, you can display all of them in the audio page. You can assign an image to audio, for example, of the people you have interviewed in that audio.

On the image galleries page, you can display all your image galleries. Each image gallery is represented by a thumbnail of the first image in the image gallery.

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