Social Media

Let your readers promote your articles by adding the social media buttons that come with Publisher.

Social media sharing buttons are nothing new but in Publisher's new design, we made them so big and obvious that no one can ignore them. They just have to click that huge “share on Facebook button”! We also added three new sharing buttons for Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. They are all beautifully designed and stand out for maximum effect.:

We've also added support to all the major social media APIs. Now when you share content, your followers always see exactly the content you want to share. That doesn't always happen on other sites and it's a major improvement on the way sharing was done before.

Choose which social buttons to show and which to hide

Social Media Settings

The social buttons will show at the bottom of your articles

social media buttons

Media Galleries

Video Page

The video page allows you to display videos of a selected video category. This allows you to organize videos in one page. You can show/hide the video title/description/hits, etc.

Audio Page

If you have audio files like interviews, podcasts, you can display all of them in the audio page. You can assign an image to audio, for example, of the people you have interviewed in that audio.

On the image galleries page, you can display all your image galleries. Each image gallery is represented by a thumbnail of the first image in the image gallery.

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