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Last week I told you about the release of Publisher 3! Today I'd like to tell you about  Publisher LIGHT for Joomla 3. This version is based on Publisher Pro… and it’s totally FREE!

What’s In This Light Version?

Most of the features on Publisher Pro are available on Publisher Light but some, such as the number of issues and styles, are limited.

The main feature missing from Publisher Light is the ability for authors to sign up on the front end and submit articles. To compare Publisher Pro and Publisher Light, click here.

Try it today - FREE!

You can download Publisher Light for FREE today.

You’ll be able to create an issue, add zones, create styles, build media galleries and more. If you ever wanted to try Publisher, now’s your chance to put it through its paces without spending a dime. Enjoy yourself!

Publisher 3 — An Amazing New Development

Publisher is one of the best products we’ve created. It’s packed with some amazing features, many of which we created in response to feedback from customers like you.

It’s been eight years since new launched iJoomla Magazine. That’s eight years of gathering experience, listening to customers and producing what really has to be the perfect publishing platform for Joomla.

Now you get to use it free.

To learn more about Publisher, click here
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Media Galleries

Video Page

The video page allows you to display videos of a selected video category. This allows you to organize videos in one page. You can show/hide the video title/description/hits, etc.

Audio Page

If you have audio files like interviews, podcasts, you can display all of them in the audio page. You can assign an image to audio, for example, of the people you have interviewed in that audio.

On the image galleries page, you can display all your image galleries. Each image gallery is represented by a thumbnail of the first image in the image gallery.

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