Publisher for Joomla 3, now out! (Beta)

Great news! We've just released a beta version of Publisher for Joomla 3! I know you've been waiting for it for a long time, I believe the wait was well worth it!

So what's new in Publisher?

Publisher's new version is packed with new features and is very stable right-of-the-bat!
New issue design

Responsive Design

Publisher's front-end (both author interface and issues/galleries) is completely responsive!
Responsive design


Both the back-end of Publisher and the front end have been re-designed with bootstrap!
Bootstrap design

New, amazing admin

You're going to LOVE the new admin! It's beautiful, slick and user-friendly! Login to our demo to check it out!

Create Advertising Packages

New design for galleries

We've re-done the media galleries completely! They now have a style similar to Pintrest, check out our demo here.
new media galleries

New Style Management

The new Publisher allows you to easily create new styles or use existing styles. No CSS knowledge necessary!
new style manager

Renew Now for 40% off!

Try out Publisher today! If your license has expired, you can renew it for 20% extra (on top of regular renewal rate), just enter renewpublisher as a promo code when you check out!

Remember, this is a Beta version!

This new version, even though was tested thoroughly, is still a Beta. It's not usually recommended to install a Beta product on a production site, so keep that in mind! Since it's a Beta, you may still find bugs, if you do, please post a support ticket so that we can fix them and release a stable version soon!

Visit our demo site

You can see a demo of Publisher on our demo site

  • Front end (Login as author here)
  • Admin (username: demo, password: demo)

Got questions? feel free to ask away on the Publisher forum.

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Media Galleries

Video Page

The video page allows you to display videos of a selected video category. This allows you to organize videos in one page. You can show/hide the video title/description/hits, etc.

Audio Page

If you have audio files like interviews, podcasts, you can display all of them in the audio page. You can assign an image to audio, for example, of the people you have interviewed in that audio.

On the image galleries page, you can display all your image galleries. Each image gallery is represented by a thumbnail of the first image in the image gallery.

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